Environmental Cleaning & Restoration Solutions In Huntersville Provides Air Duct Cleaning Services

Environmental Cleaning & Restoration Solutions and Jeremy Carlton offer solutions for poor environmental air in the home. Removing the particulates that might include mold, dust, bacteria and fungi, helps reduce asthma and other airway issues.

PRESS RELEASE: Huntersville, NC, 24-APRIL-2013 – Environmental Cleaning & Restoration Solutions and Jeremy Carlton are pleased to announce that the Huntersville air duct cleaning service is an important solution for poor air quality in today’s homes. When the air and dryer vents are cleaned, there is less problem with mold, fungi and bacteria in the indoor air.

Speaking in a recent interview, Jeremy Carlton explained “Today we need to be concerned about the air quality inside of our home as much as we do outside, as most air ducts and vents are excellent homes for mold, bacteria and fungi to reproduce, air duct cleaning is the only way to rid these harmful pollutants. You can also get UV lights installed along with electrostatic filters to maximize your indoor air quality.”

“If you or a family member suffers from cold like symptoms, asthma, watery eyes, dry skin or any similar symptoms” he continues, “it could be the bacteria in your air vents causing this problem. We clean air vents and dryer vents to ensure that we are doing our job to protect your family’s health.”

The products used are eco-friendly so they are safe for children and pets. The firm only uses top-of-the-line vacuums to ensure that 99% of the parts in the vents are eliminated. This high performance vacuum leaves the home more energy efficient and bacteria free.

The Huntersville Air Duct Cleaning Service was launched because the problem was obvious, but previously there was no viable solution. Home owners were being instructed to have the vent system cleared of particulates, but finding a firm that could do the job safely and reliably was difficult. Thanks to the Angie’s List reputation, home owners now know how to speed up the clothes-drying process and enhance air quality indoors at the same time.

Cleaning dryer vents saves on cost as well as improving indoor air quality. The clothes only require a single cycle and the clothes are dry. This saves up to $24 each month on utility costs. Less money will be required to make over-use repairs on the dryers. Reducing energy usage means a lower carbon footprint. Finally, fire hazards are reduced.

Learn more about the methods to improve air quality indoors by visiting the links at http://www.environmentalairductsolutions.com today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the services offered by the firm and about the contents of this particular press release should contact Jeremy Carlton of the Huntersville air duct cleaning service at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Jeremy Carlton

Address: Huntersville, NC

Contact Telephone Number: (704) 886-1922

Email: jcarlton82@gmail.com

Website: http://www.environmentalairductsolutions.com


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